VUCA demands a new type of salesperson.

VUCA: “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous”  Source: Army War College Strategic Leadership Primer, 1st edition. Considering the many adaptations that we have had to make in order to continue serving our clients (which in turn means adapting to their equally changing demands) it is important that we re-evaluate the characteristics and aptitudes that sales professional willContinue reading “VUCA demands a new type of salesperson.”

Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning Goes ‘No Contact’

At Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning we believe that our customers’ safety and well being is our number one priority.  Therefore we have implemented the following best practices in order to ensure the highest level of protection.  Beginning immediately:  Every member of our team will take a temperature reading before coming to work.  Thermometer readings willContinue reading “Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning Goes ‘No Contact’”

Eric McGrath: Driven Leadership.

I recorded this conversation last week after a couple of days of feeling really low.  Eric brought perspective and insights that were spot on.  Leadership, management, motivation, overcoming fear, and focusing on the things that actually matter.  The introduction is completely off script but it’s where my headspace was at the time.  Take care ofContinue reading “Eric McGrath: Driven Leadership.”

In order to grow older we have to get younger.

I’ve spent hours and hours this week on Zoom, WebX, FaceTime, Skype.  I’ve also had to learn how to use Adobe, update my website, start a Facebook page, manage on-line payment applications, distribution lists, edit podcasts and video, build newsletters and host on-line chats.  Every one of these rogue waves has either exposed a blindContinue reading “In order to grow older we have to get younger.”

“We make our own weather!” Leadership lessons from Elaine Damschen.

Elaine Damschen and her husband Todd own Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Spokane Valley, WA.  In this podcast Elaine shares her beliefs and best practices regarding leadership, networks, her influences, and ways that she stays positive during times like these.  I was again reminded that collaboration is the best strategy and that positiveContinue reading ““We make our own weather!” Leadership lessons from Elaine Damschen.”

Talking Virtual Platforms with Tom Wittman

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Wittman.  Tom offers a balanced perspective on virtual selling platforms, tried and true selling tactics, and the evolution of sales.  Tom’s recommendations are just what we need while the service industry adapts to life during social distancing.  Enjoy the podcast, stay safe. #flattenthecurve Matt

Focus and Stability–The Digital Sherpa Matthew Tyner – March 2020

Matt Tyner is the Marketing Manger for an HVAC company that employs 400+ people and that services a multi-state area.  He is accountable for the digital strategy, budget, implementation, and results.  Prior to his current role he designed and managed digital campaigns for boutique level clients. The things that matter most to me is thatContinue reading “Focus and Stability–The Digital Sherpa Matthew Tyner – March 2020”

Podcast: E-Commerce for the home service industry–a growth and survival strategy. My interview with Justin Riley.

I interviewed Justin Riley in 2018 when his on-line/e-commerce platform was hitting a stride.  Since then it’s grown exponentially in both scale and profitability.  While many contractors are limited by social distancing Justin’s technology provides limitless sales and service opportunities.  This is a fantastic podcast for any business owner who is tired of cancelled serviceContinue reading “Podcast: E-Commerce for the home service industry–a growth and survival strategy. My interview with Justin Riley.”

A time management exercise for salespeople.

Let’s assume that you spend your time on three separate types of activities with three corresponding outputs. Activity/Output #1: Low leverage, low output.  These activities include disseminating information, updating clients on topics that may or may not improve their output (trip points!), and content that can be emailed, downloaded, or included in a newsletter. Activity/OutputContinue reading “A time management exercise for salespeople.”

How to Optimize Your Schedule in 99 Words.

  You have to distinguish between activity and output.  As a salesperson your activities do not always improve output.  Some activities actually impede your output.  Spending time with low output/low loyalty clients, clients who ask you to give 100% of your effort without reciprocity, or simply disseminating information are bad time management decisions.  Every hourContinue reading “How to Optimize Your Schedule in 99 Words.”