Up next: Amazon begins beta testing audio ads (slide deck in post).

Amazon is currently beta testing audio advertisements.  According to Ad Age magazine the decision is partially an effort to compete with Pandora and Spotify.  Anonymous sources also report that the beta-test is potentially a new way to shape consumer behavior.  Lululemon, one of a small number of invitation-only participants, hopes that consumers will buy more […]

Podcast 13: Steve Gadsby–From Start-Up to Sold!

Steve Gadsby is a “unicorn” in the trades.  He founded a company, evolved from a technician to business person, built a strong culture, and then sold his company.  His opinions are provocative, sometimes challenging, but certainly rooted in hard-won experiences.  This is a terrific podcast and I hope you enjoy it.  My thanks to Steve […]

Do conversion metrics kill authenticity and loyalty?

We’re buying a new dryer.  Gas to electric conversion.  I called a local electrician: “It’s a great day at XYZ Heating and Electric, how can I make you smile today?” And that was it.  Phony.  Forced.  Scripted.  Designed to do one thing only: Convert the call to a lead.  Made worse by the rep’s systematic […]

E-Commerce Expert Will Housh Shares Advice and Insights for Contractors.

This is an exceptional interview with Will Housh (@willhoush, HVAC.com).  Will is an e-commerce pioneer in the HVAC industry.  He has honed his e-commerce expertise for over 10 years.  During the interview he shares insights and lessons learned as well as best practices and recommendations for contractors who are excited to make the e-commerce leap. […]

Here’s how to save a ton of money on advertising.

“People don’t read ads.  They read things that interest them.  Sometimes that’s an ad.” — Howard Luck Gossage “The only advertising that people truly trust is a peer-to-peer recommendation.” — Alex Bogusky My flight from Spokane to Seattle arrived on time.  Unfortunately another plane was at our assigned gate and it was departing late.  My […]

Another Heater! Pod guest Paul Redman (VP of Sales for Ryno Strategic Solutions) on career transitions, winning in the digital space, and sales leadership advice.

This was a fantastic conversation and I’m looking forward to round two with Paul Redman.  Paul’s experience in the HVAC industry and the digital space gives him a practical and informed perspective.  Ryno Strategic Solutions promotes transparency, industry specific talent, and results.  If you’re looking for a trustworthy friend in the digital space you can […]

The Thank You Note Podcast: Sales Management with Fred Nichols (this episode is a banger!)

I’ve been waiting a long time to interview Fred Nichols. Fred is not only a rock solid guy but an extremely well-rounded professional. Fred is the Sales Manager for an incredibly successful company in Southerm California. In this episode he shares his experience and tactics used to find, motivate, and drive an exceptional sales team. […]