A note to Territory Managers: Here’s the #1 thing your clients are looking for in 2021.

Happy new year my friends,

I want to take some of the guesswork out growing your territory this year. Specifically, by intensely focusing your brand of service on three characteristics that improve client loyalty and sales. As a sales professional, your brand is your business (and your business is your brand). It’s your most valuable professional asset. Even though you can’t easily quantify it (unless you’re using something like a net promoter score) you build brand equity throughout your entire career. Your brand is your “onlyness.” It helps you attract the right clients while protecting your price and market positions.

On an organizational and individual level, many brands took a big hit last year. There’s a growing distrust among many of your customers (and their customers) regarding a brand’s ability to deliver on its promises or offer one-of-a-kind services. That many face-to-face meetings were cancelled last year or that there were inventory problems exacerbated these doubts. Today over 80% of customers refuse to do business with a brand that they don’t trust. 89% of customers expect to disengage from a brand that breeches their trust. That being said, this is a fantastic opportunity if you decide to build your professional brand on three attributes: caring, authenticity, and most importantly–dependability.

I’m sure that you care about your clients. Empathy, warmth, and your commitment to your clients are some of the qualities that make many of you standouts. Caring is good. Authenticity is even better. This means acting in a way that is aligned with your organization’s values–even when things aren’t great. Last year I listened to too many sales reps lambaste their companies when sales calls were shut down and inventory shortages occurred. That’s not authentic. An authentic brand, like an authentic professional, is consistent with its values. It has a “true north.” Finally, if caring is good and authenticity is better, then dependability is the gold standard. Building a professional brand of service that is based on rock solid delivery, follow-through, and ease-of-use will galvanize your clients’ loyalty and and their willingness to further invest in you and your organization.

After a year of uncertainty, many of your customers are unwilling to tolerate unreliability or unpredictable brand delivery. They’re looking for a caring, authentic, and dependable sales rep. Be that person. Your brand equity will skyrocket and your sales will follow.


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