Forces of Progress

“People don’t buy products. They buy progress.” — Clayton Christensen Business owners want their organizations to succeed on many levels. This includes, but is certainly not exclusive to, products. Additionally, significant shifts in consumer priorities are forcing owners to re-design many of their strategies. The growing interest among consumers in new brands, private labels, asContinue reading “Forces of Progress”

12 Ways to Sell More in 2020 in 99 Words.

 Reduce the number of opportunities you pursue. Increase the amount of time you spend selling versus the amount of time you spend doing busywork. Improve your presentation skills. Sell the things your customers demand rather than what you supply. Treat selling as an opportunity to serve, not an an opportunity to convince. Terminate weak engagements.Continue reading “12 Ways to Sell More in 2020 in 99 Words.”

Improve your prospecting results: Pattern recognition.

The world’s best chess players don’t play move-by-move chess.  There’s no “10 moves ahead” aspect of their games.  Chess, like life, is too organic and the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Instead, the world’s best study patterns and use their prodigious gifts to memorize the most successful responses to theseContinue reading “Improve your prospecting results: Pattern recognition.”

5 Critical Questions to Ask When Prospecting.

The questions a salesperson asks during a prospecting process should provide insights regarding the prospect’s attitude and willingness to make a change from one supplier to another.  For example:  In terms of time, money, and risk, what business problems will working with us solve for you? (the prospect self-selects financial, structural, or security concerns thatContinue reading “5 Critical Questions to Ask When Prospecting.”

Podcast 13: Steve Gadsby–From Start-Up to Sold!

Steve Gadsby is a “unicorn” in the trades.  He founded a company, evolved from a technician to business person, built a strong culture, and then sold his company.  His opinions are provocative, sometimes challenging, but certainly rooted in hard-won experiences.  This is a terrific podcast and I hope you enjoy it.  My thanks to SteveContinue reading “Podcast 13: Steve Gadsby–From Start-Up to Sold!”

Podcast #10: Felicia Simmons is one of the best Territory Managers in her company (and probably the country).

For this week’s podcast I interviewed Felicia Simmons.  Felicia is a Territory Manager and a recent recipient of her company’s “Top 10” award–an award given to the top 10% of salespeople nationwide.  In other words, she’s very, very good at her job.  In this podcast we talk about empathy, new business, and the best practicesContinue reading “Podcast #10: Felicia Simmons is one of the best Territory Managers in her company (and probably the country).”

Selling is Storytelling

“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” — Hannah Arendt The first 30 seconds of Star Wars Episode IV.  The first ten minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The music in Jaws.  Unforgettable ways to tell incredible stories (which may be both dating myself as well as admitting that I’m aContinue reading “Selling is Storytelling”

Editorial Update/Correction: E-Commerce for contractors is happening right now. My interview with Justin Riley.

CORRECTION: My original blog post had an incorrect URL for Mr. Riley’s e-commerce website.  I have included the correct address here: Thank you and apologies to Mr. Riley. I’m very excited to share this interview with you.  The guest is Justin Riley.  Justin is at the forefront of contractor-driven e-commerce sales.  In the podcastContinue reading “Editorial Update/Correction: E-Commerce for contractors is happening right now. My interview with Justin Riley.”

Empathy, Listening, and the Small Business Roller Coaster.

Very few B2B professionals that I’ve worked with have owned a business.  It matters in that this inexperience may truncate an understanding of the volatility inherent in small business.  As Phil Knight wrote, “For an entrepreneur every day is a crisis.”  That’s an important thing to keep in mind.  It should change the way youContinue reading “Empathy, Listening, and the Small Business Roller Coaster.”

In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)

The apotheosis of burger meals.  The double double with fries and a medium drink.  Costs you about seven bucks.  Simple ingredients, simple philosophy: Great food + great people = Great results (total sales in 2016 estimated between 640mm and 700mm).  This year In-n-Out Burger was rated the 4th best place to work in 2018.  OnlyContinue reading “In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)”