A note to a TM: “Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.”

My friend, Remember the perspective that your client shared with you last week? He was honest and to-the-point: “I never answer my phone when I know it’s a salesperson calling.” “When I see a flyer from a vendor on my desk it goes right in to the trash.” “When I see an email from aContinue reading “A note to a TM: “Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.””

A note to Territory Managers: Here’s the #1 thing your clients are looking for in 2021.

Happy new year my friends, I want to take some of the guesswork out growing your territory this year. Specifically, by intensely focusing your brand of service on three characteristics that improve client loyalty and sales. As a sales professional, your brand is your business (and your business is your brand). It’s your most valuableContinue reading “A note to Territory Managers: Here’s the #1 thing your clients are looking for in 2021.”

7 ways that salespeople hurt their teams during a crisis.

For sales reps everywhere the 2020 nadir includes fewer in-person meetings, frequently distant or disgruntled clients, the struggle to mitigate the work-from-home distractions, and on-going inventory problems. Healthy, functional teams are stronger and more resilient during a crisis. Yet many sales reps’ inadvertently hurt their teams in one or more of the following ways: TheyContinue reading “7 ways that salespeople hurt their teams during a crisis.”

A letter to a new Territory Manager: And one more thing . . .

“People rarely buy what the company thinks it’s selling.” I wish I’d said that. I hope you’ll consider the counterintuitive probability that each of your clients works with you for reasons that may not have much to do with the products that you sell. You’re going to work with colleagues who believe that the/their/your jobContinue reading “A letter to a new Territory Manager: And one more thing . . .”

A letter to a new Territory Manager.

Dear ________________________________. Congratulations on your decision to become a Territory Manager. It’s a great job and I know you’ll have a fantastic career. As the astronauts used to say, you’ve got “the right stuff.” I’ve watched many talented people become sales reps. Most make it. A few flame out. Why? If you don’t mind, hereContinue reading “A letter to a new Territory Manager.”

Forces of Progress

“People don’t buy products. They buy progress.” — Clayton Christensen Business owners want their organizations to succeed on many levels. This includes, but is certainly not exclusive to, products. Additionally, significant shifts in consumer priorities are forcing owners to re-design many of their strategies. The growing interest among consumers in new brands, private labels, asContinue reading “Forces of Progress”

We’re all dandelion kids now.

“From an evolutionary perspective, the developmental plasticity of the stress response systems, along with their structured, context-dependent effects, suggests that these systems may constitute conditional adaptations: evolved psychobiological mechanisms that monitor specific features of childhood environments as a basis for calibrating the development of stress response systems to adaptively match those environments.” —Biological sensitivity toContinue reading “We’re all dandelion kids now.”

VUCA demands a new type of salesperson.

VUCA: “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous”  Source: Army War College Strategic Leadership Primer, 1st edition. Considering the many adaptations that we have had to make in order to continue serving our clients (which in turn means adapting to their equally changing demands) it is important that we re-evaluate the characteristics and aptitudes that sales professional willContinue reading “VUCA demands a new type of salesperson.”

Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning Goes ‘No Contact’

At Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning we believe that our customers’ safety and well being is our number one priority.  Therefore we have implemented the following best practices in order to ensure the highest level of protection.  Beginning immediately:  Every member of our team will take a temperature reading before coming to work.  Thermometer readings willContinue reading “Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning Goes ‘No Contact’”

In order to grow older we have to get younger.

I’ve spent hours and hours this week on Zoom, WebX, FaceTime, Skype.  I’ve also had to learn how to use Adobe, update my website, start a Facebook page, manage on-line payment applications, distribution lists, edit podcasts and video, build newsletters and host on-line chats.  Every one of these rogue waves has either exposed a blindContinue reading “In order to grow older we have to get younger.”