Episode 4 -Ryan Swafford

This was a terrific episode to record with my friend Ryan Swafford.  Not only is he a super cool guy but he’s a very sharp sales professional.  In this episode Ryan talks about shifting careers, fitness, Tai Bo, and finding a selling perspective that works.  Thanks for listening!  Episodes are also on iTunes.


Podcast #3: Rich Johnson

Episode 3 – Rich Johnson

Hey there listeners and thanks for tuning in!  In this podcast I interviewed Rich Johnson, sales manager for Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning.  It’s a fun interview and Rich shares his perspective on managing a team, learning to balance multiple demands, and handling price-driven competitors.  Lot’s to learn and I hope you enjoy it.  Matt

Podcast #1: Kyle Cline

Welcome to The Thank You Note podcast!  For the very first episode of the podcast I interviewed my friend Kyle Cline.  Kyle is a Director for Locke Supply and is part of of the service industry’s future.  He’s innovative, disciplined, and brings a unique perspective to the trades.  Plus, he’s a super good dude.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!