The best, nicest recommendation from a client…(results matter)

An email from my friend.  This is why I care and why I love what I do.  Thank you sir.  All respect…


I know I have sent you a few notes/thoughts/recommendations along the way of building our business. I write you today trying not to keep pouring on the gratitude I have towards what you do, but to share this sales story that happened to me today. Before I got to the home today I was nervous. Hands dead cold even though the temperature was warm. As soon as I sat down, it seemed as though my training immediately kicked in. After a lengthy needs assessment, which by way of your training seemed as though I didn’t talk at all, their intentions were made clear. My price wasn’t the lowest out of their bids, but they cited to me they had never had someone in “sales” listen so closely to their needs. They informed me they had always felt as though they were being sold when dealing with their major purchases. I walked out of there today with a hefty down payment check for 3-slp98, 3-xc21, 3-iharmony zoning, 1-Lennox high efficiency boiler, and about a month of work for my employees.
Been great to prove a lot of negative people wrong. It’s great to know the investment of applied knowledge/sales training has helped me at that kitchen table.
I really appreciate your help. I enjoy all of your blog posts, in fact, it’s exciting when I see them on my newsfeed. My next challenge is to pass on this training mentality to my employees without me sounding like I’m making them do it. Need more work on building culture.

Thank you,” (name withheld at client request)

My friend, I can’t repay these kind words.  Thank you.  Matt

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