In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)

The apotheosis of burger meals.  The double double with fries and a medium drink.  Costs you about seven bucks.  Simple ingredients, simple philosophy: Great food + great people = Great results (total sales in 2016 estimated between 640mm and 700mm).  This year In-n-Out Burger was rated the 4th best place to work in 2018.  OnlyContinue reading “In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)”

Zen and the Art of Selling

Your imperfections are your strengths. The sale is closing at the beginning. You are your only obstacle. Urgency slows everything down. Repetition leads to freedom. Chameleon’s adapt only to survive. Honesty and humility are impossible to falsify. A sales process must be invisible in order to be effective. Decisions are never made for a stranger