Empathy, Listening, and the Small Business Roller Coaster.

Very few B2B professionals that I’ve worked with have owned a business.  It matters in that this inexperience may truncate an understanding of the volatility inherent in small business.  As Phil Knight wrote, “For an entrepreneur every day is a crisis.”  That’s an important thing to keep in mind.  It should change the way youContinue reading “Empathy, Listening, and the Small Business Roller Coaster.”

In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)

The apotheosis of burger meals.  The double double with fries and a medium drink.  Costs you about seven bucks.  Simple ingredients, simple philosophy: Great food + great people = Great results (total sales in 2016 estimated between 640mm and 700mm).  This year In-n-Out Burger was rated the 4th best place to work in 2018.  OnlyContinue reading “In-N-Out Burger Beats Google (and nearly everyone else)”

The Ordinary Badass…

I was thinking about Badassery.  Who’s the biggest bad ass I can think of?  Bruce Lee?  Obi Wan Kenobi?  Everyone in KISS?  The list can get pretty long and I guess the reason I was even thinking about it was out of pure fascination with people who live in Full Awesome all the time.  AndContinue reading “The Ordinary Badass…”