We’re all dandelion kids now.

“From an evolutionary perspective, the developmental plasticity of the stress response systems, along with their structured, context-dependent effects, suggests that these systems may constitute conditional adaptations: evolved psychobiological mechanisms that monitor specific features of childhood environments as a basis for calibrating the development of stress response systems to adaptively match those environments.”

Biological sensitivity to context 1. W. Boyce, B. Ellis; Developmental Journal of Psychology, Spring 2005.

I hated answering the phone in March. It’d ring. I’d stare at it. I knew what was coming. Another cancelled trip. Another hand-wringing apology. “We’ll get this back on line in the fall.” Clap clap fist bump whateverthehellthatis,

Hashtag #Ohshit

But we had to survive. We had to stop being orchids and start becoming dandelions.

We learned to grow through the bricks. Toughen up. Adapt. Get stronger. Grow because of the adversity, not because of the lack thereof.

It’s September 16. 7 months since a phone call made me sick to my stomach. That doesn’t happen much anymore. Not these days. Maybe you feel the same way. If so, then here’s to you and the dandelions.

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