Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning Goes ‘No Contact’


At Frosty Freeze Air Conditioning we believe that our customers’ safety and well being is our number one priority.  Therefore we have implemented the following best practices in order to ensure the highest level of protection.  Beginning immediately:

  1.  Every member of our team will take a temperature reading before coming to work.  Thermometer readings will be updated daily and posted on our website in the “About Us” section.
  2. Team members will be issued clean uniforms prior to shift.  Uniforms will have been disinfected with anti-bacterial fabric spray and are returned at the end of each day for additional cleaning.
  3. Team members will be issues chlorhexidine gluconate soap and required to wash their hands according to AMA guidelines.
  4. Tyvek protective suiting will be issued to all field team members who are required to wear them while on-site.
  5. Industrial grade nitrite gloves will be worn during the entire service, maintenance, or installation process.
  6. Our staff will wear N95 masks.  In order to prevent interference on the phone we have adopted AI voice assistants to meet our customer service needs.
  7. Team members have been given Sani-Cloth germicidal wipes.  Field team members will be required to use these wipes and to provide homeowners with post-cleaning results using Control 3 test strips indicating that disinfectant rates are at surgical levels.
  8. Cavicide surface disinfectants will be used to clean surfaces in our customers’ homes.
  9. Field team members will use CIDEX OPA disinfectants on all equipment, controls, duct work, and in-home surfaces.
  10. Field team members will utilize Lavex trash bins that are solely dedicated to containing all installation related debris.  Bins are fogged on a daily basis.
  11. Thermostats will include disposable screen covers.
  12. Field team members will be given sealed vegetarian meal kits, including disposable utensils.  These meal kits will be delivered via drone.
  13. Following an installation or service appointment homeowners will be given the option to receive a complimentary disinfectant fogging procedure in their home.
  14. Personal temperature readings will be taken at the end of every shift.  These readings will be updated on our web site.
  15. Our team members will be administered COVID-19 health screenings on a monthly basis.  These screenings will be held as Facebook Live events.


Thank you, we look forward to earning your trust and business.

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