A time management exercise for salespeople.

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Let’s assume that you spend your time on three separate types of activities with three corresponding outputs.

Activity/Output #1: Low leverage, low output.  These activities include disseminating information, updating clients on topics that may or may not improve their output (trip points!), and content that can be emailed, downloaded, or included in a newsletter.

Activity/Output #2: Medium leverage, medium output.  These activities include some type of standard training or motivation, although the uniqueness is questionable because your competition has their version of the same message.

Activity/Output #3: High leverage, high output.  These activities are highly customized around your customer, reflect their aspirations, and are scarce.  As such they help you differentiate your services and force your competitors to play catch-up.  These activities create positive leverage that allows you to increase the clients’ output.

Take a look at your calendar from last week.  Classify your activities based on the descriptions provided above.  Where did you spend most of your time?  Where should you have spent more of your time?  What types of activities will you reduce?  What things will you say “No” to a lot more this week than last?

Remember, everything you do with your time should improve your clients’ production.  Have a great week, Matt.

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