Up next: Amazon begins beta testing audio ads (slide deck in post).

Smart Speaker Adoption 2018

Amazon is currently beta testing audio advertisements.  According to Ad Age magazine the decision is partially an effort to compete with Pandora and Spotify.  Anonymous sources also report that the beta-test is potentially a new way to shape consumer behavior.  Lululemon, one of a small number of invitation-only participants, hopes that consumers will buy more of their products on Amazon after hearing an advertisement while listening to music on Alexa.

Here is a link to the original beta-test presentation deck:


Currently, there are significantly more Alexa devices in our homes than any other smart home product.  The beta-test is guaranteeing that participating brands will reach one million listeners.  Notably, Amazon is not able to guarantee targeting at this time.  This will surely change given the alarming amount of data Amazon has gathered.  And while Amazon has not shared the early results of the beta-test this will most likely be the next facet of voice-based consumer engagement.

Optimizing a small business website for relevant voice-search results is still a moving target.  The Alexa Blog (www.alexa.com) provides free optimization tools and recommendations regarding voice search.  Learning how to utilize these resources and implement their recommendations is a provocative (if not commanding) opportunity.  Determining whether paid advertisements will play a role in a business’ customer acquisition strategy may feel nascent right now.  But Amazon says that audio ads will be “widely available” in the first quarter of 2020.

The self-service revolution continues to evolve.

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