Episode 7: Patrick Somers on Discipline, Professionalism, Leadership

Patrick Somers is the General Manager with The General Air Conditioning & Plumbing in Palm Desert, CA.  He and his team exemplify professionalism.  Moreover, Patrick and his team are always looking farther down the road for the next competitive advantage.  It’s a terrific podcast and I hope you enjoy it.  Lot’s to learn.  Thanks Patrick!


2 responses

  1. Matt and Patrick what an outstanding podcast.. as a business owner it helped me take a closer look at my daily routines. So many positive takeaways from this podcast.
    I think the one thing that resonated the most with me is the fact that we to take the time to regroup and destress.
    Love the idea that you and Francisco go on your hikes and throw around ideas..
    going to steal that one for sure 🙂

    Also the books that were recommended were extremely helpful.
    Again thanks guys for all the awesome information look forward to many more podcasts.

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