Green Apron Cards: Put your culture in your hip pocket

Green Apron Cards

Many front line employees struggle to communicate their company’s value proposition to their customers.  Harder still if the company itself hasn’t invested the time and thinking in to clarify its core behaviors (not principles, not vision, not mission…be-haviors).  The Starbucks solution: Green Apron Cards.  Each card defines one of the company’s core behaviors.   They’re smartly designed and simply worded.  Each card has a “Thank You” on it.  The original intent was that barista’s would carry their values with them.  More than that, they would live them.  And although the cards are not a known product among consumers, barista’s are encouraged to share the cards with us.

Culture and customer experiences are not a “to-do” list, although too many leaders mistakenly think this way (here’s how to answer the phone, here’s the playbook for greeting a customer).  Culture is not a standard operating procedure.  Culture is the be-havioral DNA that turns the ordinary in to the extraordinary.  Culture starts with “being” and becomes “doing,” never the other way around.

Which be-haviors define your company’s culture?  How does a customer experience these nuances?  How does your team communicate them?  And are they concise and clear enough to fit in your pocket?


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