Two Knuckles


“In the golf swing a tiny change can make a huge difference.” — Harvey Penick

I slice.  Badly sometimes.  Less lately (God willing).  But still, I slice.  Swing path, a stiff back, ball position, focus, not enough hip rotation, poor follow-through, chicken-winging, and an incorrect grip (I interlock, but Tiger interlocks so I can’t be too far off from a decent shot here and there.  I’ve tried the Vardon but it’s uncomfortable and my connection to the club feels unnatural and rigid).

“Roll your left hand over just a little bit, ” Dumbledore said.  I pay the The Wizard to turn my lead swing in to gold.  “You should see two knuckles on your left hand.”  I looked down at my left hand.  One knuckle.  Too prone to an open club face at impact.  My slice was happening before I even began my backswing.  In golf, in business, in life, most problems find a purchase well before they actually occur.

I’d be a lunatic to draw a poor and obvious comparison between golf and business.  Golf is far more difficult and instructive.  Like any worthwhile journey, however, the lesson is simple and the execution is very, very difficult: Treat the fundamentals of your craft with humility and dogged diligence.  Small improvements are transformative.  Small improvements result in more sustainable progress than all the “revolutionary” talking points out there right now (“10X your life little man!!”).  Fundamental progress is exponential.  So focus on your grip.  Be intentional and analytical.  Over-manage the details.  Save the goofy catch-phrases about success for your first hole-in-one.  By then you’ll have well earned it.


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