The Amazon Event Horizon


In 2013 I read an on-line review titled: “Who buys an AC from Amazon!? Me, that’s who.”  It was glowing–positively gushing, really.  The author touted the cost-effective and effortless experience.  Not a scratch of regret.  That’s when I began talking about the implications that direct-to-consumer sales were going to have on the service industry.

These effects: a high-level of brand trust, ease-of-use, competitive pricing, and speedy deliveries have only improved over the last three years.  So has the Amazon footprint.

Today, right now, Amazon has a warehouse within 20 miles of 44% of the US population.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Here’s the source:

The event horizon may be here.  Amazon’s forray in to full-home services and product offerings is legitimate, local, and expanding.

How will your business out-Amazon Amazon?



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