The Future of Marketing & Advertising: Google’s Micro Moments!


Google recently introduced Micro-Moments–a new micro-burst advertising platform.  It probably isn’t in your current marketing and advertising program but the data behind the technology suggests it should be.  Turns out that customers are becoming less and less likely to bounce from website to website when they need a product or a service.  It’s too cumbersome, especially when you’re in a pinch.  Moreover, customers are also highly influenced by the immediacy of relevant results on mobile devices.  According to Google’s research “62% of customers are likely to take action right away” when solving a problem or searching for relevant content on a mobile device.

Here’s the link to further details about the program:

Micro Moments works like this: My car breaks down and I’m stuck on the freeway.  Or, I’m in a new city and I’m looking for a place to eat.  Or, my air conditioner breaks and I need service.  I grab my phone and start a search…

“Tow truck” or “Best restaurant in Spokane” or “I need an AC repair”

Micro Moments recognize the query and populate a portion of my screen with “micro moment” ads.  Simple as that.  And because I’m in a hurry or a bind I, like most, am likely to take some action.  Pretty cool.  Makes it easy.

Static advertising platforms (even websites) are degrading in terms of influence and action.  It’s important for busy small business owners to recognize their dwindling influence and to invest in advertising that capitalizes on powerful mobile influence.  Hard to believe but it’s once again time to re-asses our lead generation tactics and live in the micro moment!

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