“An undefeated mind.”


“Victory may not be promised to any of us, but possessing an undefeated mind means behaving as though it is, as though to win we only need wage an all-out struggle and work harder than everyone else, trying everything we can, and when that fails trying everything we think we can’t, in full understanding that we have no one on whom we can rely for victory but ourselves.”

— Alex Lickerman

The power of one great idea to change a life, a family, a business, a community.  I’m nuts for these ideas and I sincerely appreciate the many opportunities that I have to share a few of them with others.  I’m grateful every day for this.  It’s difficult to know how far an idea travels.  How much it actually inspires a person to take new chances or accept the reality that change is not an option these days.  Far easier to be a naysayer (“We’ve always done it this way.”)  But the current mandate for change is very real: Disrupt yourself or be disrupted.  To do so requires an undefeated mind.

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