45 Gratitudes

I turned 45 today. When I was a kid that sounded really old. Tonight it doesn’t feel that old, but that’s Time’s trick and our arrogance. Too often we appreciate life in hindsight or anticipate something that may never happen. Too often I hear “remember when” or “I can’t wait…” And “now” slips by unrecognized. This year I am simply grateful, humbled, blessed, and overwhelmed. I am a lucky man right now–at this very moment. Here are 45 reasons why:

1. Heidi Ruth: beautiful, brilliant, selfless, strong, compassionate, super hot Shield Maiden of Asgard.

2. My mom and dad…I love you for your differences, I love you for standing with me.

3. My brother and SIL…a man and woman I admire and love.

4. My sister…wish we spent more time together!

5. My in-laws…60 years of love!

6. Doug and Steve…you guys know why.

7. Kyle, Lori, Niki…I’ve never seen such caring among brothers and sisters!

8. Bo, the dog. You’re a big mushy mess of a dog and I love you (even when you’re on the bed).

9. Gage, Harper, Beau, Tanner, Finley…nieces and nephews that are like peas and carrots.

10. Troy and Josh…feels like I saw you last week when we talk.

11. That I do what I love for a job and don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what’s possible.

12. Living in a small town on a small lake is solace.

13. The quiet morning hours and the quiet evening hours before the phone rings and after it stops.

14. Learning to be more patient.

15. Quinn’s hot springs.

15. Stanley, ID.

16. Beating Heidi at backgammon…bwaaaahaaahaa!

17. Losing to Heidi at backgammon….awwwwwwww shit.

18. Cooking dinner for my family and having the time to enjoy it.

19. Barbecue.

20. Riding my bike.

21. Writing ‘thank you’ cards.

22. My mom’s Old Fashioned.

21. Aspen trees in the fall.

22. A fire in the wood stove and listening to it crackle in the middle of the night.

23. Roxy, the cat, who adopted us. Now she slabs out in front of the fire.

24. King sized beds.

25. Watching it snow, letting it pile up, watching my dog lark in the snow.

26. My cousin Travis.

27. Words and music.

28. Canon Beach, OR.

29. The lessons that teaching taught me.

30. Road trips and unexpected adventures.

31. Paddle boarding…not well, but still.

32. Incessant curiosity.

33. For all of the bad decisions I’ve made that led to life-changing positive lessons.

34. For all of the good decisions I’ve made that led to life-changing positive lessons.

35. The way that Life has a way of keeping me humble when I get a little too cocky.

36. Listening to Heidi tell me about her crazy, hilarious dreams in the morning.

37. Soccer Sunday.

38. Sending skateboards to Chile.

39. Notes from friends who say “you’ve helped me, thank you…”

40. For knowing how little I actually know…so much to learn and so little time.

41. BLT sandwiches, the only safe food.

42. “Nights on Broadway”.

43. Love, full stop.

44. Forgiveness, always.

45. The gift of Gratitude.

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  1. Matt – We have sent a couple people to your trainings and they come back better people and better advisors – thank you! (another one signed up for your upcoming class in Richland, WA)

    I started following your THANK YOU POST about 2-3 months ago. They are excellent and very enjoyable!!! Thanks for making the making them available – you have a great way of making the important and simple…. More important and more simple☺ Thanks again.

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