The Most Successful Car Salesman in the World…


This is Joe Girard.  He holds the world record for car sales.  But wait!  Before you start saying “Ewwwwwww gross!” and getting all stereotypically self-righteous about how scummy car salespeople are, please consider the following:  On average Mr. Girard sold six cars per day.  Per day.  And cars can cost a whole lot more than a heating and air conditioning system.  When was the last time you sold six systems in a day?

Girard wasn’t some kind of super-genius salesman.  But he knew the value of a referral and how to develop an incredible client network.  In the pre-internet era, pre social media era, pre Angie’s List era…before all of this occurred Joe did one thing incredibly well: He stayed in touch with his customers.

Joe Girard stayed consistently in touch with every person who purchased a car from him.  More than a one-off ‘thank you’ card and more than a ‘Happy Birthday to your car.”  Mr. Girard sent a hand-written card to EVERY person who purchased a car from him EVERY month of the year.  EVERY MONTH.

Mr. Girard proved one thing: Show your customers that you care, authentically care, and that you care enough to stay in touch and they will reward you with referral business.  In his heyday Mr. Girard would show up to work and there would be a line of customers at his desk with their wallets on the ready.

When was the last time that happened to an HVAC salesperson?  As Tim Sanders writes, “Your network is your net worth.”

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