Skateboarding saves lives!

skateI was so stoked to take this picture of my nephew Kyle.  He’s such a solid guy.  He’s holding two skateboards that were donated by my amazing friends Doug and Brent Sheneman from Main Street Heating and Cooling in Utah.  If you live in Utah and you need some HVAC work done please call them.  They’re the best.  And did I mention that they donated skateboards…?

My brother-in-law is a straight-up hero.  He’s dedicated his life to helping others around the world.  He lives in Santiago, Chile.  A few weeks ago he sent me a newsletter about the outreach work his team is doing with the poorest of the poor in Chile.  The article included a piece on how his teams are using skateboarding to create community, education, faith, sharing, and hope among children living in the hideous, sprawling, poverty-stricken hive-like neighborhoods that crawl outside of Santiago.  These are hopeless places.  And skateboarding is helping kids find hope.  I decided to get involved.  I decided to reach out to friends and associates and ask if folks will donate one skateboard to the cause.  One skateboard, one kid, one smile.  One at a time.  My goal is to collect 50 skateboards.  Main Street Heating and Cooling donated three.  That’s class.

When I was a kid I loved skating.  All of my friends skated and it brought up together and made us laugh.  I can only imagine what it means to little kids who can’t afford anything, let alone a good time.

So here’s the point: We are, like it or not, citizens of the world. And while most of us can’t stop wars from happening or fix the economy or eradicate disease we can effect change on a smaller scale.  To me that’s a great place to start: human-to-human.

If you’re down with this then I’d love your support! If you’d like to get involved there’s a couple ways to get it done:

1. Go to a skateboard shop, board shop, sporting goods store.  Buy a skateboard.  Mail it to me.  I’ll reimburse you for the shipping cost to keep it as cost-effective as possible!

2. Go to Amazon and search “Skateboards Complete.”  There are tone of affordable skateboards.  Mail it to me.  Again, I’ll reimburse you for the shipping if you’d like.  There are great decks for $50 bucks!

3. If you have kids who skate and who have used boards that still have some life in them, that’s cool too.

My mailing address is: 803, South Liberty Drive, Liberty Lake WA 99019.

That’s it.  Amazing things happen when people work together!!  Thanks again to my friends Doug and Brent!!  Matt.

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