The kindest words…thank you!

Waking up to a note from a friend.  This is why I do what I do:

Good day Mr. Plughoff. I trust you made it home and are getting reacquainted with Heidi and Bo. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your time and guidance you have graciously provided to me in my new career. You are a true gentlemen and a special kind of soul. While my abilities and experience as a sales manager are currently lacking at this time you’ve helped me light a flame inside me to excel as a sales manager. Thank you.

Bryce came back absolutely ecstatic about the process you teach. He will be an ideal tool at helping gain buy-in to spread your word to the rest of the team. TJ is anxious to work with these new ideas as it seems only you can teach. You are not a commodity. Until we meet again enjoy your days.

Andy Schow
Sales Manager
A-1 Heating and Air

3 responses

  1. Matt,
    I just wanted to tell you from the baby boomer how much I appreciated your information and the time you gave to our company at We Care. My thoughts have been racing with
    enthusiasm over all the new information received in your class over the last few days. Looking forward to your next visit and again thank you.

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