“You are the resistance.”

There’s a storm on the horizon. It’s been coming for years. It began long ago. They gave us their language. Terms we neither understood nor could translate. ABC, AIDA, MERV, HSPF, EER. They told us these were important and we adopted them until we spoke like them. They gave us templates and books and told us how to fill them. We agreed until we all looked alike. They told us to join their groups, their clubs, their circles, their roundtables, their networks. They told us that belonging was important to our status and that status was important. We paid to feel lesser in order to be part of something we were told was better. We gave them money. We joined their clubs. Their democracy made us invisible. They told us who to trust and we trusted them. They gave us warehouses filled with other people’s products and enslaved us, made us dependent on the leads, the narcotics, until we were unable to live without them. And we paid to become secondary. We became subjugated. And were glad for the subjugation. They gave us apps built by people who don’t know us, don’t know what we do, and told us they were important. We grew distracted, looking for an answer, a fix. Another fix. A commodity. They gave us tablets and machines and told us they were important. And they became so. More to learn, more to adapt, more to minimize us and maximize them. And in the course of our distractions they began to eliminate us. They began using SkyNet to control our markets, deliver our products, eclipse our identities. Now they give us “glasses” and know where we are, what we do, how we view the world. They want to own us. They cannot live without us. We saw it happening and did nothing about it.

Until now. Now we fight back.

They will never care as much as we do. Never risk as much. Never fight as hard. They will never build a machine that cares about people like we care about people. They will never find a program to replace a beating heart, a warm smile. The machines will lose because efficiency is repeatable and will only accelerate. But it will never slow down and say hello. It will never look you in the eye and say “I care.” We will fight. We will use their programs, their language, their machines…but on our terms, not theirs. We will shatter their enslavements and their clubs with improbable warmth and patience. We will slip their joke and defy their yoke. Caring more, sharing more, giving more. These are our weapons.

WE cannot be machinated. If you’re hearing this you are the resistance. Love–full stop.

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