Steak-n-Shake Ruined My Lunch

The best cheeseburger in The United States is at Billy Burgers in Wilbur, WA.  It’s perfection.  I’m unabashed about my feelings on this matter.  The Shake Shack in DC is a distant second.  In-n-Out might be the third best burger.  I’m always looking for a contender.  

The midwest has Steak-n-Shake.  It’s a smash burger type method and they use potato buns and American cheese.  Heavy handed on the mustard costs it a few points on the burger scale but that’s not what ruined the burger today.  

Organizational apathy ruined my lunch.  There were fries that had been spilled on the floor.  They’d been smushed in to the little grout lines between red tiles.  There were trays piled up on the counter next to where I ordered my “Classic Steakburger” meal.  The person who took my money didn’t know how to make change from a ten dollar bill.  Nor did she try to figure it out.  My fry cup was turned upside down in my to-go bag.  Fries everywhere.    

I could have dealt with all of that–which I did.  Food service is tough work.  But what ruined my lunch was apathy.  Organizational apathy.  I saw the manager walking around telling his staff what to do.  It’s frustrating to be told how to do your job better when your whole job consists of staring at hot oil.  I saw a woman without basic math skills trying to subtract $5.46 from $10.  I saw floor staff walk past smushed fries without a mention.  And then I thought of all of the things that I’m probably too apathetic about.  In my company, my life, the things that I’m just willing to overlook because I either need to learn something new, tighten up the reigns, become more focused, be more grateful…

Had the folks at Steak-n-Shake been present, been “now,” then I’m sure a lot of what was passively accepted as “the rush” would have been seen for what it was: deferred responsibility.  Be here.  Be now.  Be accountable.  (or offer your food for $4 and grind it out.)

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  1. Very true words that make me want to examine myself. I cant help but think of examples in my own life where I have done the same. Unfortunately most have been at home with my own family my most important “job”

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