The nicest recommendation letter I have ever received.

Deeply humbled by these kind words…makes it all the more worthwhile.  

“HVAC Sales: A Technician’s Story

As I was into my first full year of opening my own HVAC shop, I had my TM from Lennox hand me sign -up sheet for Master Selling.  I scrolled down the sheet, of course, to find the cost.  How much? I asked.  What does this guy make an hour?  That was my first impression, and wow does that statement summarize a lot of what my way of thinking about sales and running a HVAC business WAS.  My TM insisted I attend, and to this day I thank him every chance I get.

Upon entering Master Selling, I was a skeptic.  What could this guy, Matt, was that his name? Tell me about HVAC sales?  People are going to buy from the company that is qualified, sure, but they better have the lowest price.  That was my personal outlook, and hindsight showing me how bleak of a statement that was.  Matt taught me there was no such thing as “apples to apples.”

Matt’s style is relaxed, comfortable, yet professional and confident.   His vision on making the customers’ experience better, and speaking in “their” language has been brilliant.  Matt’s idea’s about transforming sales to relationships has helped me build strong ties to our community.  It started with the hand written thank you note and has evolved into the follow up visit, upfront & menu pricing for our business.

Matt has no competition when it comes to HVAC training/learning.  Matt is always genuine.  It’s not the next big thing or gimmick.  Upon my time spent with him, I could feel how authentic he was in his training and wanting everyone to succeed.   I would call him a great mentor to myself and my now 3 year old company.  I can show a 50% sales increase per year, but this letter isn’t about numbers.  I credit Matt with helping me be authentic, personable, and most importantly more confident.  My presentations to clients,  public speaking, and overall business mentality has improved.   My favorite quote that I use is “if you don’t quit, you’ll never fail.”   However, without Matt’s guidance, that statement may have been really put to the test.

In closing, thank you Matt for all you have done.  I wish you great success with the new website.  I hope my words in this document have shown you the great appreciation I have for what you have done for me and my family. 


Thank you,

Jim Pratt


Jefferson, WI”

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