Mega-Godzilla Old Spice Ad Win: Or How to Earn 1.5m hits in ONE Day

This absolutely brilliant Old Spice ad destroyed the internet when it hit. 1, 500, 0000 hits in one day. One day. Granted, Old Spice dropped W + K money on the spot and had some of the best creatives behind the scenes. They also leveraged The Old Spice Man’s already galvanized identity. But there’s applications at the small biz level that are relevant and noteworthy:

Interactive advertising creates a layered, engaged consumer experience. At the conclusion of the spot you–the viewer–can control Old Spice Man’s musical creations through your keyboard. Outside of being totally awesome the invitation sucks the audience in to the ad and allows them to have…

Fun! Remember Irish Spring soap ads? A faceless man with an Irish brogue accent carved a slice of SOAP with a pocket knife. Showing us…soap? No. The INSIDE of soap! The FRESHIEST part of soap…erm. Confusing and lame. If given a choice, most people want to have fun and feel good about the things they buy. Playing music on a video via a keyboard is a BRILLIANT way to create fun and still connect the audience to the messaging which is…

NONSENSE! The best part of the ad is that it makes absolutely no sense at all. And, in the course of the spot, the nonsense becomes the sense which just sort of works. I love that they abandon any dorky narrative or attempt to create a story about pit stick.

You don’t have to have a zillion dollar budget to create ad awesomeness. But if the Old Spice ad illustrates anything it’s that abandoning the traditional rules of product messaging can make an enormously successful impact by defying blah-blah top down message strategies.

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