A 10 Step Program for Insane Mediocrity!

“History is not was.  It is.” — William Faulkner

We’re in revolutionary times.  So much so that it’s ridiculous to use terms like ‘dynamic change’ or ‘accelerated growth’ any longer.  The static serenity of yesteryear has been shattered, forcing us to be intimately comfortable with insecurity on a personal, economic, and global level.  And that’s ok.  It happens.  It’s happening.  It’s time for all of us to realize that where we come from has nothing to do with where we’re going and that ‘safe’ is a four letter word.  

Nonetheless there are folks that just aren’t comfortable with change.  I get it.  It’s not easy to let go of what you know or what’s always worked.  The past feels like a warm Snuggie on a chilly winter night.  It’s quaint and cozy to reminisce on those rosy by-gone days.  So, if you’re risk averse and really hating the idea that the world is ‘forcing’ you to change,  here’s a little anti-change check list of things you can do to stay as insulated as possible and avoid any nasty discomfort:

1.  Play it safe.  Stick to what you know and earn a reputation for being completely predictable.

2.  Understand your limits.  Tackling tasks that are beyond your current capabilities is a surefire path to…well…your limits.

3.  Treat your job like a job.  Punch that clock, expense that lunch.  It’s cool.  

4.   Be the expert.  You got it all figured out?  Awesome for you!  Now what?

5.  Get Hardcore.  NEVER try anything that can’t be validated without a massive set of spreadsheets and business cases.

6.  Respect history.  Your company has been ‘doing it this way’ for 100 years?  Thankfully it’s still 1912!

7.  Ignore inspiration.  The world just isn’t ready for your next big idea.  Put it in your diary.

8.  Trust experience.  That uber-veteran surely has all the answers.  After all, he has a 25 Years of Service award on his desk

9.  Keep your eyes shut.  Bad stuff will go away when you do.

10. Don’t worry, be happy!  After all, the economy is the real enemy and you’re really doing your very best.

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