The Thank You Note

I’m in the media business.  Let’s just get that on the table.  I’m not an ad man’ per se.  It’s something my company does.  I’d like to think that what I do has meaning beyond demographics, impressions, creatives, campaigns.  Advertising has changed, or at least, is slowly changing.  We’ve seen ‘the social media revolution’ roll in with its own irrepressible energy.  We’ve seen newspapers become digitized.  QR  codes that are richly engaging.  Website people throw around words like “sticky” these days.  It’s all very chic.  But what happened to just nice, person-to-person, friend-to-friend relationships?

There’s always going to be a better mousetrap.  And people in business love to go through “shiny new toy” syndrome–romancing and fondling that nifty task management software or that next “killer app.”  Yet there was a time, not that long ago, when what mattered more than anything were simpler ideals: gratitude, appreciation, reciprocity, being “good people.” That worked.  It might have worked too well.  Because like most things that prove themselves successful they’re quickly set aside–taken for granted as always having been there, always working, a trusted friend–and now let’s give it a rest.  We can supplant these angels of our character for faster and fancier medium.  Yet we cannot lose sight of their transcendent ability to connect us on a meaningful level.  And that’s what matters.

The Thank You Note is about connections, attitudes, habits, ways of thinking and living that are first and foremost designed to highlight our best characteristics.  In life and in business, these are the qualities that bring us together.  These are the qualities that last.

Cheers, Matt

Published by Matt Plughoff

Exploring the next evolution of small business success.

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